A new pilot project has been launched to determine how Kria Ionizers might help clean the water in Grand Lake St. Marys.  The Lima News' Bob Blake writes: 

MAD Scientist & Associates out of Reynoldsburg are monitoring a Kria ionizer, a water purification system designed to help zap the bad algae by pulling carbon out of any organic material. The device also aerates and adds oxygen to the water, which causes good bacteria to grow and eat the algae.
“It’s been running a couple of days. Now we’re in the analysis stage,” said Milt Miller, manager of the Grand Lake St. Marys Restoration Commission. “The company says we should be able to see measureable results in a couple of weeks. We’re going to go a full month just to get a long-term perspective on it.”
As with past pilot projects, Miller said the local group wants to see hard, scientific data before committing to a more extensive deployment of units and the expenditure of funds.
“Clearly being so passionate about the lake we approach things optimistically. Ultimately, the science will tell the story,” Miller said. “Everything we do in the lake is scientifically based. We always run a pilot first and then have a third-party validate it. Having said that, we’re cautiously optimistic.”