The Grand Lake Restoration Commission is turning to a federal agency to help them get wetlands back at the lake.

The commission is asking the US Army Corp of Engineers to get an aerial photograph of the lake from the 1930’s to show where the wetlands were located around the lake before development started growing around it. Creating wetland is another piece of the puzzle in eliminating the problems of phosphorous rich sediment feeding the toxic blue green algae. Now they have a tool to help with that process. The photo will be used like a map, for where the wetlands were before the algae problem hit the lake. The commission will be looking at the three sediment collectors they put into the tributaries going into the lake to see if they can be more effective.

Milton  Miller says the placement of the collectors close to where the tributaries dump into the lake caused them not to work as well as possible. So during the winter, they will look at maybe moving the collectors to be more effective. Also, Miller says they will review the 60 proposals they have received from companies on how to improve the lake conditions. He says they will check them all, because you never know if there is a diamond in the rough amongst them.

By Todd Cummins, Video Journalist, Hometown Stations