There is some very encouraging news for people who live and vacation at Grand Lake St. Marys. A million dollars will be pouring into the region. Manure and chemical runoffs from farms have led to high phosphorus levels which feed the blue/green algae in the lake. Now a company will be turning that manure into methane gas, helping out the environment. Plus this weekend, a high speed boating show will go on.

"Last year altogether was just not the best condition of the lake and all the publicity it got, things really slowed down," said Mike  Wagner who owns Pullman Bay restaurant. He’s encouraged by the lake’s progress.

"This year shows some improvement, it’s nice to see more boats out on the lake than we saw last year," said Pullman.

"Things are getting better… We had a hot and dry summer but we still do have a public health advisory posted at our beaches," said Brian Miller who manages the lake and surrounding parks and is also on the committee that organizes the Governor’s Cup Regatta speed boat race. Last year it didn’t happen. The lake was too overcome with the toxic blue-green algae. This weekend, the family free event is a go…

"It will fill our hotels full of racers and spectators and then also make our restaurants and all our other retailer services very busy," said Miller.

Mike Wagner says he noticed a difference in the 30,000 people who didn’t show in Celina last year, and this year he looks forward to having them back.

"I’d like to get it back to the way it was years ago and hopefully with the efforts they’re making right now we’re headed in that direction," said Miller.

The Regatta takes place all this weekend from Friday to Sunday along the Pier in Celina.

By ABC 22 Dayton