Progress is being made to introduce beneficial aeration that will improve water quality in Grand Lake St. Marys. On Thursday, March 2, 2013, two SolarBees were installed at West Beach. In addition, the linear aeration system donated by the Celina Lions Club was recently put into service in the area known as the Celina Hot Water Hole.

Four additional SolarBees are being installed in front of the Celina Water Treatment Plant Intake.

Science has shown that aeration is the key to improving water quality, and SolarBees work to aerate the water via solar-powered circulation.  Because SolarBees are solar-powered, they do not incur ongoing electricity fees or costs associated with bringing electricity on-site.

The following images depict the Solar Beeinstallation, detailed information about how the SolarBees work, and SolarBee location maps. For more information and to watch a video of LRC Manager Milt Miller discussing the SolarBee project, click here.


SolarBee locations at Second Beach

SolarBee locations near Celina intake