There’s power in numbers… together, we can save the lake

Saving the lake is critical to securing your future in the Greater Grand Lake St. Marys Region. Save the lake and you save your community, protect your property, secure your children’s educations, and spark economic growth and recreational opportunities.

The Lake Improvement Association acts as a collective voice to demand positive environmental change that will save Grand Lake St. Marys. The solution is not simple, and it will take time, but if action is not taken now we jeopardize losing our region’s greatest resource. A comprehensive Restoration Plan that will save Grand Lake St. Marys includes:

Encouraging nutrient-management best-practices in agricultural operations and providing training programs to educate industries on nutrient management. Learn more
Re-establishing natural watershed buffers and channels to reduce nutrient runoff.
Identifying and deploying water quality improvement strategies to clean the lake in its current condition. Learn more
Conducting water quality monitoring and increasing public awareness and information resources.
Funding Save The Lake efforts through federal, regional, and local grants and growing a volunteer base to contribute toward those efforts. Learn more
Lobbying for legislation, enforcement, and responsible political decisionsthat have a positive effect on the Grand Lake St. Marys Region. Learn more
With your help, these and other goals can be accomplished and you can enjoy a clean, safe Grand Lake St. Marys and all the benefits that brings to your community and household.

Go to the Knowledge Base to learn more facts about the crisis affecting the Greater Grand Lake St. Marys Region.