From the Springfield News-Sun’s Jim Morris:

…I was able to ask both Republican John Kasich and Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland two questions, one about the future of Grand Lake St. Marys and the other about Ohio State Parks.

Following are their answers to these questions and another from the panel. (Questions and answers have been shortened to accommodate space.)

Q: What do you see happening at Grand Lake St. Marys to solve the blue/green algae crisis?

Kasich: When Grand Lake St. Marys is hurting, we’re all hurting. It doesn’t matter where it is in Ohio, we have to take care of our assets.

I understand the farmers are getting on board. We must have a consistent step-by-step program to eliminate runoff.

Strickland: We are taking the situation at Grand Lake St. Marys very seriously. It has been a very painful experience for many people surrounding the lake and it has disrupted fishing, swimming, camping and recreational boating.

Our first concern has been for human health and safety … and the pets around the lake. Right now we are trying some pilot projects to try to remediate the current problems. At the same time we are trying to understand what caused the problem to find a long-term solution.