The Mercer Soil and Water Conservation District has begun accepting orders for the annual tree sale.  A variety of hardwood and pine tree seedlings are available for purchase, as well as wildflower seed packets. 

Seed packets are $4.  Trees come in a bundle of 10 and are $8 for the pines and $10 for the hardwood trees.  Don’t want to commit to a full pack of 10?  Consider donating the remaining trees to your local park, the Franklin Township Greenspace, or the Grand Lake St. Marys State Park.  It is recommended that you plant the seedlings in a flower or garden bed to get the trees in the ground until the donation happens.  For donations to the State Park, contact Kara at the State Park Office at 419-394-3611.  For donations to the Franklin Township Greenspace, contact Abbey at 419-586-3289.

The order deadline is March 6 and the trees will arrive in mid-April.  Order forms are available at the Mercer SWCD office.