Thank you for your support over the past year and wow, what a year it was!  Your commitment to saving Grand Lake St. Marys influenced key decision-makers to take major steps to clean the lake water and reduce nutrient-rich runoff.  You also motivated cutting-edge industries to contribute toward the solution while stimulating the economy with new jobs.
Because of you, Grand Lake St. Marys is on the path to once again being a revered recreational hub, wildlife habitat and economic boon that benefits everyone in the watershed.  In 2012, the Lake Improvement Association was able to:
  • Raise funds to save Grand Lake St. Marys with the Bar Stool Open, LIA Golf Outing, and Beach Party
  • Increase community awareness and education through our website,, membership meetings, news alerts, and public relations
  • Sponsor the Kids Fishing Derby for disabled children in Auglaize and Mercer Counties
  • Communicate with legislators and motivate the emergence of new policies and programs designed to restore Grand Lake St. Marys
Now, it is time to renew your commitment to restoring Grand Lake St. Marys.  Your annual membership dues of just $15 will ensure the Lake Improvement Association is able to continue its work to restore and promote Grand Lake St. Marys. 
In return for your contribution, you will receive the LIA Member Discount Card, which allows you to enjoy savings at many Grand Lake St. Marys area restaurants and merchants.  Using your LIA Membership Card just two or three times will cover your entire membership dues.  It's the membership that pays you back!
Of course, you'll also continue receive all the great benefits of being a Lake Improvement Association Member:  
  • Weekly News Alerts detailing LIA activities
  • LIA Meetings, where you can voice your opinions to legislators and leaders who are working to save Grand Lake St. Marys
  • Playing an integral role in restoring our greatest natural resource, which supports more than 2,700 local jobs and brings in more than $100 Million in annual local revenue
In the upcoming year, the Lake Improvement Association has ambitious goals we need your help to achieve:
  • Support the Grand Lake St. Marys Restoration Commission and improve Grand Lake St. Marys
  • Host entertaining fundraising events such as the Beach Party, Bar Stool Open and Golf Outing
  • Sponsor the annual Kids Fishing Derby and Lake Festival Fireworks Show
  • Community outreach and education, membership growth, and lake recreation promotion

Help us be part of the solution – RENEW NOW