In December, JCARR voted to send the ODA’s proposed distressed watershed rules package back to ODA, which has the option to revise the rules for reconsideration on Jan. 22, 2019. Here’s an update on the process published on Ohio’s Country Journal.

Key points:

– Gov. Kasich’s administration will effectively be removed from the revisions, as the DeWine administration will have control on Jan. 22

– JCARR seems to believe the DeWine administration will take a different approach to reducing nutrient pollution: “There will be a new administration and we’ll have maybe more productive talks,” said JCARR’s chair, Sen. Joe Uecker (R-Loveland). “The DeWine administration has demonstrated an interest on working with stakeholders on this issue.”

– JCARR was concerned that the proposed rule changes – which would have lifted the winter manure spreading ban in the Grand Lake St. Marys watershed – did not involve all stakeholders, evidenced by local groups, residents and the Ohio Environmental Council’s testimony that the rule changes would not protect water quality

– If ODA does not refile the rules for the Jan. 22, JCARR meeting, JCARR will have 31 days to recommend that the Ohio General Assembly invalidate the rules. Each chamber would then have five days to invalidate the rules

– ODA can also opt to resubmit a revised proposal at a later date, which is likely