Grand Lake St. Marys State Park Manager Brian Miller addressed LIA members with lake updates and a list of 2014 highlights at the December 2014 member meeting. See the list below the video. 

2014 GLSM State Park Year in Review

• Delivery of “Hoedag” dredge – August 
• 14 electric sites 
• 15 full hookup sites 
• East Bank shelter house renovations
• Marina UST’s removed and an AST set 
• Stone secured for fishing access at Anderson’s 
• West Bank Launch Ramp parking lot sealing & stripping 
• West Bank Launch Ramp lighting upgrade to LED 
• Windy Point Road rip rap 
• Frey’s Launch Ramp parking lot expansion 
• Marina rebid for an additional 8 years 
• Linear aeration installed at East Bank handicapped fishing pond (New Knoxville/New Bremen Rotary) 
• Oil derrick reclamation project (GLRC) 
• Handicapped kids fishing derby (LIA)
• Continual improvement to the Windy Point beach (LIA) 
• Purchase of playground equipment to be installed spring of 2015 (LIA) 
• 1st Annual Grand Lake Marathon
• 2015 Cubic Yards Dredged – approx. 232,000