Video from the November 2023 Lake Improvement Association member meeting. Highlights below.

Meeting Highlights

The LIA has partnered with multiple community organizations and businesses to purchase and install a playground on the West Bank (more info coming soon)

LIA elections will be held at the December member meeting. Nominations are open until the end of December. Contact Michael Emans to nominate a candidate

Mercer Wildlife Area Wetland: Approximately 9-acre wetland constructed in July. Currently has one pump and a second will be added. Water is pumped from the lake and through all of the wetlands on the site for treatment, then placed back into the lake. Phase 3 is starting later this year or early next year and expected to be completed by the end of June 2024

Chickasaw Creek Treatment Train: Had a minor holdup with the Army Corps of Engineers permit, but that has now been received. Contract awarded to VTF Excavation, who will be starting soon. The project is expected to be completed before the summer of next year

The LFA has acquired 9 acres along Coldwater Creek. A wetland will eventually be constructed on the site and open to the public for walking and nature

Clean Ohio funds were used to purchase the Coldwater Creek property and two additional properties: the Northshore greenspace and Monroe greenspace. The hope is to acquire those by the end of January and construct wetlands on those parcels, which are about 10 acres each

Work is also continuing on the future Redwing Nature Preserve adjacent to the state park, pending Clean Ohio grant funds

Lake levels: -12.55″, up from -13.75, and the gate is open 3″. Rainfall for October was 3.44″, which was more than September and August combined. So far this year we have had 29.8″ of rainfall. For reference, 2019 saw 49.39″ of rainfall through October

The state park had a great camping season

The state park is working with a private donor to plant native trees. The park ordered 62 trees in 22 different varieties, with plantings concentrated on the East Bank and campgrounds this year. The park is seeking volunteers to help water trees that were planted outside of the park grounds. Contact David Faler if interested

State park winter projects include cleaning up the banks, removing trees that are at the end of their lifespans, and renovating the campground poolhouse

Dredging as of October 30

Brutus: 45,317 cu. yds. removed

Hoedag: 100,472 cu. yds.

Pump a Little: 19,808 cu. yds

The state park is accepting broken concrete at Windy Point and Anderson’s