From Hometown Stations:

It was one of the top stories of 2010….the toxic algae problem at Grand Lake Saint Mary’s. But with all the problems affecting businesses, tourism and the communities that surround the lake, some remain optimistic about 2011?

2010 was a challenging year for Grand Lake Saint Mary’s, as the toxic blue green algae returned, completely shutting down the lake.  Even though there were no toxin levels found this fall, the community continued to rally together, raising money and finding solutions for the lake’s problems.

It was also a year that the community’s noise and efforts got the attention of state and federal officials, who are now both involved in returning the lake to a pristine state. Some plans have started to slowly move forward.

As the result of state and federal assistance a sand mixture, called silica, was poured into select spots. No word yet on the results of that test.

The test results are back from adding aluminum sulfate, or alum, into 5 different locations around the lake.  The alum takes the phosphorous out of the water, thus removing the algae’s main food source.  Now data shows that the alum was not effective for Grand Lake. With a lot of questions unanswered for 2011.

The community continues to hope for the best to get their lake back.

Local officials say they are awaiting test results to see if the fish in the lake are safe to eat. They also says Grand Lake was not the only lake in Ohio that had problems with toxic algae blooms. Twenty other lakes in the Buckeye State had to deal with the toxic blue green algae in one form or another.