A trio of young entrepreneurs have donated their earnings from a recent snowfall to the effort to save Grand Lake St. Marys.  From the letter accompanying their generous donation:

Two weeks ago, after a snowfall, our granddaughter and two of her
friends, all from Brookville, Ohio shoveled snow for neighbors and earned $35. They come to the lake in the summer to visit us at our summer home in Highland Park and love to fish, swim and boat, and were greatly disappointed by the events of last summer. Our granddaughter called us last week and said that they had decided to donate the money to help" fix the lake". We were extremely pleased with there generosity and their concern for the Lake. It’s this kind of spirit and concern that will Save Our Lake!!

Enclosed is a check for the $35 and a picture of the girls, Katie Lake(ll), Kristen Denlinger(9) and Raleigh Groff(9).

Jim & Jerry Lake
Dayton, Ohio