Thank you to all the players and teams who joined us for another successful Bar Stool Open! The results are below!


Bar Stool Open Mini-Golf:
  • 1st place ($200): Half Fast Putters (108)
  • 2nd Place ($160): Lil Buddies Back Door Bandits (110)
  • 3rd Place ($40 3-way tie): Top Dawgs, Happy Kiehl, Hech's Hogs (112)
Pontoon/boat Decorating Contest (8 teams):
  • 1st Place ($200): Happy Hour (50 points)
  • 2nd Place ($100): Captain Hiny (45 points)
  • 3rd Place ($50): Big O (42 points)
T-Shirt Contest (21 teams)
  • 1st Place ($100): Happy Hour (50 points)
  • 2nd Place ($75): Big O (47 points)
  • 3rd Place ($50): Dimpled Balls (45 points)
The LIA extends a special thank-you to Behm's for sponsoring the 50/50 tickets and hosting the pontoon/boat decorating and T-shirt contests; to Duckfoot's for sponsoring the prize party; to all the lake bars that donated door prizes; to all the hole sponsors; to our volunteer judges and other volunteers; and to everyone who played and participated to help us improve Grand Lake St. Marys!