The purpose of the Lake Improvement Association is to make improvements to the GLSM and its facilities and promote a clean and healthy lake for the general public’s use.

2024 Goals

1. Continue supporting water quality initiatives

The LIA will continue to work with all agencies, groups and individuals on water quality issues. We will, if needed, help organize, publicize and promote proven programs to improve water quality in the entire Grand Lake St. Marys watershed.

2. Ongoing political activism to influence lake improvement policies

With a membership base in the thousands, we will continue to be politically active on any issues that impact Grand Lake St. Marys, now and in the future.

3. Spread accurate news about Grand Lake St. Marys

We will spread accurate news about Grand Lake’s progress at every possible opportunity and on every channel at our disposal. We will proactively educate external media about the extensive efforts being undertaken to improve lake water quality.

4. Improve and expand lake amenities

We will facilitate amenity projects around Grand Lake St. Marys, including those related to boating, kayaking, picnicking, hiking and biking. Focus areas include maintaining and restoring historical landmarks and making all activities more convenient, safe and enjoyable.

5. Improve lake navigation

We will continue to improve navigation around the lake by promoting our Grand Lake app and through enhanced visual signage at channel entrances.

6. Provide HAB numbers

We will work closely with Wright State University – Lake Campus to publish lake microcystin levels. We will use this data to evaluate seasonal levels and identify weather pattern correlations; then, we will apply this knowledge toward harmful algae bloom prediction and prevention.

7. Increase membership

Work to increase our membership numbers. 

8. Assist partner organizations

Continue working with other organizations.