Organizers Deem Grand Lake St. Marys Rough Fish Removal Tournament a Success
Once again we asked them to “Get the Carp Outta Here” and boy,  did they ever.  The third annual tournament aimed at reducing the number of rough fish in Grand Lake St. Marys was a big success according to tournament Co-Chairman Greg Schumm.  In 2011 the participants took out 8,142 pounds of carp during the 48 hour tournament.  Last year the take was 12,831 pounds, this year the total carp taken from Grand Lake St. Marys in 44 hours was 15,541 pounds.  Schumm added: “That is a very impressive number for such a short period of time.”
Co-Chair Donna Grube said they made some changes in the event, giving prizes in both the bow & bait categories.  Co- Chair Dan Manning said they also added some tagged carp to the mix, hoping to bring more people to help in the rough fish removal effort.
Monster Fish winner Doug Moran. Scroll down for more photos.
Grube said the tournament would not be possible without the support of the tournament sponsors and the dozens of volunteers.   Manning said special thanks go out to the major sponsors: Celina Moose 1473, KCI Technologies, the Lake Improvement Association and the Celina, Coldwater and St. Marys Kiwanis Clubs which sponsored all the kids’ prizes.  Three were also 23 tagged carp sponsors.  One $100 tagged carp was pulled from the lake, which was sponsored by the Celina Wine Store.  
The Carp Tournament committee knew that in such a big lake, those tagged carp might be tough to catch, so they have decided to offer a bounty. Any carp pulled from the lake with the orange tag, now through July 4th will be worth $50.    Open to the public, anyone catching a tagged carp just needs to bring the tag to the Outdoorsman in St. Marys or the Auglaize & Mercer Counties Convention and Visitors Bureau Office to claim their prize.
The 2013 Winners and their prizes are:
Youth Fishing
Josh Fuerst                     69 fish    $100
Justin Porter                   43 fish     $50
Michael Schnarre           33 Fish     $25
Youth Bow
Andrew Peoples            69 fish      $100
Kevin Tangeman  36 Fish      $50
Ian Moorman                26 Fish       $25
Youth Biggest Carp
Josh Fuerst                  11.6 pounds    $100
Xavier Younker           11   Pounds     $50
Josh Fuerst                   10.9 Pounds     $25
Adult Fishing
Donovan Wilt           155 fish         $500
Tim McDermit            94 fish         $200
Bobby Early                93 fish         $100
Adult Bow
Scott Heasly                  125.5         $350
Jeremiah Johnson          125.5         $350
Chad Neff                      113            $100
KCI Monster Carp Award
Doug Moran                   20.5 pounds         $500
Doug Moran                   15.7 pounds         $200
Paul Moran                     15.5 pounds         $100
Tagged Fish: 19-2013    Celina Wine Store—Jeremiah Johnson   $100
The 23 tagged carp Sponsors were:
Tooling Technology
Best Western Wapakoneta Inn
Celina/Mercer County Area Chamber
Cooper Farms
Cisco Realty
Peoples Bank
Buschur Electric
Bella’s Italian Grille
The Outdoorsman
Candlelight Inn
Kuck Realty
Kozy Kamp Ground sponsoring Kozy Karp
Mercer Savings Bank
Celina Wine Store
Prudential One, REALTORS
Holiday Inn Express—Celina
RCS Construction
Quality Inn & Suites St. Marys
Lake Development Corporation
Villa Nova Drive Thru
Grand Lake Recreation Club
Auglaize & Mercer Counties CVB