Updates on the Chickasaw Creek treatment train & stream restoration project. Information and photos were provided by Mercer County Agriculture & Natural Resources Director Theresa Dirksen.

Big Chick Treatment Train

The project will be going out for bid toward the end of May 2023. Water will pump from Big Chickasaw Creek via a pump station located behind Hecht’s Landing, then go into a half-acre settling pool before meandering through a long wetland area before making its way to the existing wetland. The area is 5 to 6 acres in size. The image below depicts an overhead view with the seeding plan.

Little Chick Stream Restoration

This project will divert water from Little Chickasaw Creek into a bay area. The water will meander around wetland pockets before going back out into the main wetland. There will be a berm diversion forcing water through the restored area (kayakers, etc., will still be able to get over the berm to access the main lake). The project will go under construction in Fall 2023 with seeding to be completed in 2024. Chickasaw Creek wetlands and stream restoration is being completed by the Lake Facilities Authority with ODNR’s cooperation. A state capital improvement grant and an Ohio EPA Section 319 grant has been received to complete the project.  The image below depicts an overhead view with the seeding plan.