Photo Credit: Dave Shaner

Dave Shaner sent us this overhead photo of the new Dredge Material Relocation Areas (DMRAs) being constructed at Aquaview (the old Uppenkamp property) by Grand Lake St. Marys.

Per Ohio Dredging Program Administrator Tom Grabow, three DMRAs are being constructed on the site, each 10 to 12 acres in size with a total capacity of 350,000 to 400,000 cubic yards. The property will be a long-term disposal area where dredge material will be collected, dewatered, then reclaimed as beneficial reuse material.

The dredging team plans to fill the cells in sequence, so that by the time the last cell is filled, the material in the first cell has dried and the dirt can be removed to make space for more dredge material. Grabow said the goal is to have the first two cells completed by the 2022 dredge season.