The Lake Improvement Association will launch a Facebook fan drive seeking 1,000 “Likes” in 72 hours, beginning Friday morning, July 23 and ending midnight Sunday, July 25. The LIA Facebook drive is part of the non-profit organization’s effort to unite the greater Grand Lake St. Marys community in the shared goal to save Grand Lake St. Marys for future economic prosperity, recreational opportunities and wildlife habitat. 

“We have an active Facebook page that has generated excellent discussion between individuals who share a common goal and have a variety of views regarding what action is needed to save Grand Lake,” said Lake Improvement Association Vice President Mark Piening. “Facebook is a valuable forum that allows everyone to share their thoughts on the lake, from residents and business owners to high school seniors and senior citizens. Achieving the 1,000 “Like” milestone will represent community support for saving Grand Lake not only on a local level, but also on a state and federal level that will help draw government attention to the issues and conditions that are destroying the lake.”

Several factors have led to the degradation of Grand Lake St. Marys, culminating in toxic algal blooms that have prompted officials to issue a “zero-contact” advisory for the lake. The LIA Facebook page allows fans to share comments, links, photos, and videos pertaining to Grand Lake St. Marys; and users can take direct action such as contacting their legislators and joining the LIA, or simply stay in touch with Grand Lake St. Marys developments from their own profile pages. 

“Log on to Facebook and tell your friends, share the link with others who have a vested interest in the health of Grand Lake St. Marys,” said Piening. “Facebook makes it easy for everyone to be heard, and we do read and consider all input. By uniting the community in a comfortable, familiar online environment such as Facebook, we are able to efficiently move forward with the support needed to restore Grand Lake St. Marys in a way that will benefit everyone in the watershed.”

For more information, visit and click the “Like” button.

The Lake Improvement Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving Grand Lake St. Marys by connecting the greater Grand Lake St. Marys community and working for local, state, and federal support and assistance to return Grand Lake St. Marys to an economic booster, recreational hub and wildlife habitat that can be safely enjoyed by all. For more information, visit