By  Joyce L. Alig, President, Mercer County Historical Society

The 12th Annual Autumn Post Card Exhibit, featuring Post Cards of Grand Lake Saint Marys, and old photographs, posters, and memorabilia of Grand Lake Saint Marys, hosted by Local Collectors, will be held, Sunday afternoon, 1:00 – 4:00, November 11 at the Mercer County Historical Museum, a block east of the Courthouse at Celina.  The theme of this exhibit is To Protect the History of Grand Lake Saint Marys, as well as the Landings, Restaurants, and Events held around this Lake.  There is no charge.
If you know the answers to at least ten of the following questions about this lake, and bring your answers Sunday, November 11, to the Museum, you will win a free copy of the book, “Passport to Franklin Township History,” which includes information about Grand Lake Saint Marys. 
  • If you are the first person who can tell me the name of any Landing which is NOT listed in this Franklin Township book, on pages 45-47, you will win a free copy of the rare, out of print book, “Our Post Card Past; Grand Lake Saint Marys, Ohio.” 
  • Name at least four names of this Lake, and give the official name of this Lake, as determined by the United States Board on Geographic Names, as of February 17, 2011.  Charley Ayers knows this answer!
  • Name four Landings on this Lake, whereby the name begins with the letter “B.”
  • Who was the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Star who owned “Zeb’s Landing and Zen’s Resort” in the 1930’s?
  • Which Dance Hall in Celina, on this Lake, had a New Year’s Eve Dance and it was so cold that the punch froze, and the horses’ hooves froze in the ice, and the people danced to keep warm?
  • Who was “Slim Belsher,” at Lakefield Airport?
  • Why did William Jennings Bryan attend the Celina Chautauqua in the summer of 1905?
  • In 2001, Paul Cullers told me that he remembered roller skating at the Roller Skating Rink at Edgewater Park.  A red satin Skating Jacket from that Rink is at the Museum.  Who else went skating at this Rink?
  • The Historic Landmark of the Lighthouse at Northwood was named for what British Lighthouse?
  • Where was Gordon State Park located; what Marina is located at this site today?
  • Who owned the Sohio Station at Coldwater Creek Landing in the 1950’s?
  • How did Pullman Bay Restaurant acquire its name, and do not answer, “from Pullman Bay!”
  • What was the location of the Gate House on West Bank Road, in 1914; what was its purpose?
  • Who built the tourist boat, “The Lillian,” which docked at Edgewater Park?
Bring your own post cards, photographs, and stories of Grand Lake Saint Marys, and help the Society preserve this history!
Photo Caption:  Zeb’s Resort on Grand Lake was owned by what famous Cincinnati Reds player, who brought his Reds Team Players to this site in the 1930’s?
[The Mercer County Historical Society President Joyce Alig, may be contacted at 3054 Burk-St. Henry Road, Saint Henry, OH 45883,  or or 419-678-2614.]