guardian of the lake 2019

LIA President Nick Rentz, left, presents Kevin Klosterman with the 2019 Guardian of the Lake Award.

The Lake Improvement Association named Kevin Klosterman 2019 Guardian of the Lake at its November 2019 membership meeting. The Guardian of the Lake Award is annually presented to an individual who has taken extraordinary action to improve Grand Lake St. Marys.

Kevin founded and moderates the Facebook group “Friends of Grand Lake.” The group’s 8,000+ members routinely post photos of Grand Lake St. Marys and engage in discussion that promotes a positive image of the lake.

“We have an unbelievable story to tell here at Grand Lake St. Marys, and that story is being told on Facebook, day in and day out, on a page called ‘Friends of Grand Lake’,” said LIA President Nick Rentz. “It is the single best visual social media push that we get on Grand Lake St. Marys.”

An LIA membership survey revealed that members wanted LIA leadership to promote a positive narrative about the lake to combat negative and misleading news perpetuated by outside sources. Kevin’s work showcases the beauty of the lake, free from politics, and has undoubtedly played a major role in the recent resurgence of lake tourism.

The LIA thanks Kevin for working to promote a positive image for Grand Lake St. Marys. Thanks Kevin!