Saving Grand Lake St. Marys will usher in a new era of prosperity for all who live, work, and play in the Greater Grand Lake St. Marys Region.  A clean Grand Lake St. Marys means:


More Recreational Opportunities

With 13,500 acres of water and over 20 miles of shoreline, Grand Lake St. Marys has long been a favorite getaway for fishing, boating, hunting, swimming, camping, and a host of other recreational activities. A degraded lake not only reduces those opportunities, but risks eliminating them altogether; while a clean lake vastly improves quality of life for all who enjoy it.


Economic Growth

Businesses depend on local traffic to survive, and a healthy lake with plenty of recreational opportunities means a healthy revenue stream for existing businesses, presents opportunities for business growth, and makes the entire region more attractive to incoming employers.


Higher Property Values

Your property value is calculated, in part, by your neighborhood. When Grand Lake St. Marys is a safe, healthy, thriving ecosystem, property values will increase across the entire region and your property investments and assets will be worth more.


Local Education Funding

Because property tax contributes to education funding, local schools will receive additional funds to sustain and introduce programming that benefits your children.



Pride in Community

A safe, beautiful Grand Lake St. Marys means that all residents affected by the lake, including you, can be proud of their community.


Agricultural Growth

Programs designed to reduce phosphorous and nitrogen run-off also help farmers increase profitability through efficiency.



Image use Creative Commons License.  Attribution:  Beach Ball – Susan E Adams, Money – JDR Photostream, Fence- vieux bandit, Light Bulbs – Faith Goble, Corn Stalk – trekkyandy, Smiley Hand – dotbenjamin