The Lake Improvement Association has published a new letter to send to your legislators to let them know how important it is to fix the issues contributing to the degradation of Grand Lake St. Marys.  This is the second letter published by the LIA, and it can  be sent as a follow-up letter for those who have previously submitted asd as a first-time letter for those who have not yet contacted their legislators. 

All LIA members and the public at-large are strongly encouraged to send the new letter to their legislators via one of two methods available on this website:

a) submit the online form, which will immediately send emails to your legislators

b) print the letter to send via snail mail

Political representatives have indicated that the volume of letters they receive on any particular issue weighs heavily on the government’s decision to pursue action and solutions, and so contacting your legislator plays a vital role in the effort to Save Grand Lake St. Marys. 

Please do your part to restore Grand Lake St. Marys to an economic boost, wildlife habitat, and recreation hub by CONTACTING YOUR LEGISLATOR RIGHT NOW