The purpose of the Lake Improvement Association is to make improvements to the GLSM and its facilities and promote a clean and healthy lake for the general public’s use. 

Goal:  Work with the GLSM Park Service to make needed improvements to GLSM 
  • Develop and implement a plan for improved beaches.
  • Develop and implement a plan for a “Splash Pad”.
  • Promote aeration in private channels with potential funding option.
  • Investigate Mycrosystin protocol to verify warning numbers are correct.
  • Work with local park administration to develop projects for park facilities.
  • Determine status of Alum Treatment for 2013.
Goal:  Promote a clean and healthy lake and promote the use of the lake to the general public and various groups.
  • Support LRC through financial assistance, web site presences, board member support, membership meetings and activities that help to restore the lake.
  • Continued Education and Information through the web site.
  • Collaborate with the GLSM Park Service, CVB, Chambers and other organizations to promote the use of the lake.
  •  Support local groups who sponsor activities on the lake (Gov. Cup, Lake Festival, etc.).
  • Continue fund raisers that help promote the lake.
  • Team with ODNR to sponsor Kids Fishing Derby.
Goal:  Grow membership to ensure the completion of our stated mission.      
  • Recruit new members using the LIA savings card, one to one contact and send letters to renew existing members or recruit new members.
  • Provide consistent membership list for all Board members use.
  • Maintain membership applicants located in various businesses.
  • Develop committee to investigate various recruitment approaches.