The Lake Improvement Association has announced the purchase of a new playground set to be installed on the banks of Grand Lake St. Marys in Spring 2015.

The new playground set will be located on the east side of Grand Lake St. Marys and feature modern equipment, an accessible walkway and ADA-compliant handicap accessibility, on-site educational signage and benches. It will serve as a means to bring families to the banks of Grand Lake St. Marys, reinforce the lake’s prominence as an attractive recreation destination, and also provide an opportunity for the LIA to educate families about the ongoing efforts to restore the lake via on-site signage. The playground will be free for public use during park hours.

The LIA is seeking tax-deductible donations to help fund the playground and installation in partnership with The St. Marys Community Foundation. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help the LIA make possible a play area all children can enjoy.