Treasurer’s Report was presented at meeting. Contact Pat Lovett if there are specific questions. Balance at the last meeting was $34, 463.59. After income and expenses the balance is $41, 555.

Secretary Chris Grimm, had no correspondence to share. A reminder that the Mercer County Pheasants Forever Hog Roast happens August 21st. Adults $20, Children $10. Please support our affiliate members.

President Tim Lovett noted that in August the LIA will be paying $7,000 for the grant efforts made by K.C.I., previously approved by the board. The KCI application netted a grant for $490,000.

Trustee Dave Meyer sent out a request for volunteers for the Fishing Derby, to be held this year at Eastview Park on September 15, 2010 (Wednesday). Historically the LIA has served 250-300 children with a variety of disabilities. Goodie bags will be stuffed after the meeting in September so please plan to stay after the meeting to help.
WE NEED COOKIES! LOTS AND LOTS OF COOKIES. Every child will get lunch, a goodie bag and cookies. WE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE ONE ADULT/PER CHILD TO HELP THEM FISH. THIS IS A REWARDING DAY! Please see Dave Meyer to sign up. You may also reach him at 419-925-4146.

Mark Piening, Vice President reported that since our website launch in March there have been 19,000+ visits. The LIA sends out news alerts for the latest significant happenings on the lake. YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR EMAILS AT THE LIA HOME PAGE to receive the latest news.

Tony Seger, the new Trustee chosen to replace Bob Grimm, was introduced to the membership and welcomed to the
LIA. Tony has great contacts and a commitment to cleaning up Grand Lake St. Marys.

Milt Miller provided an update of the Grand Lake Restoration Initiative Committee (GLRIC). He praised a St Marys company that recently pledged to a 5 year/5 figure commitment to the GLRIC. The LIA and other organizations are seeking ways to sustain the clean up project through local, state and federal funds. There are ways that each of us can
help. Bella’s Italian Restaurant plans to host a waiter’s night, where the tips and other donations will be given to the LIA. The LIA Trustees will be serving as the wait-staff. Milt says that other similar events will be hosted around the lake. The Celina Auto Show is also hosting a fund raiser with proceeds being donated to lake clean up efforts.

Milt introduced a new program called “Switch and Save”. All members are asked to sign up with MX Energy for their natural gas supplier. A portion of your gas bill will be donated back to the St Mary's and Celina Foundations for funding the Lake Restoration Committee. This will NOT increase your bill as you already pay a marketing fee with your current bill. Please visit the LIA website for more details under the Switch & Support icon.

Pepsi has a nationwide give-away. Beginning September 1st, you can go to the website and vote. Our award would be
under the ENVIRONMENT heading. The popular vote wins! You can use your Facebook and Twitter contacts to make this happen. It’s easier than you think!

CEO Ross Young and his crew from The Algae Venture Co offered some ideas on what technologies can be brought to solve the algae problem. Algae Venture's is researching ways to “flip” the bad algae toxins (cyanobacteria) into good diatom algae. Their plan is to “curtain off” 2 acres of GLSM on the west bank. Silica will be introduced “in solution” to see if the growth of Diatoms can be stimulated. The test will commence in August 2010 and will be evaluated for 60 days.
If the plan is successful, the results will be studied to develop a strategy for the entire lake.

Bill Ringo, President Emeritus presented the findings from the analysis of the NRCS-Heidelberg stream monitoring study of the Big Chickasaw. The data shows without debate the need to keep winter and springtime run-off from the land at a minimum. Placement of the monitoring station approx 2 miles south of the lake virtually eliminates lawns, golf courses, geese and failing septic commonly identified as contributors to the degradation of the lake. Application of manure on frozen/snow covered ground appears to be responsible for most nutrient loading. Producers in the w/s could make a positive effect by following good management practices at no cost to taxpayers.

Brian Miller, Lake Restoration Committee (LRC) updated membership on the Alum-dosing project. In addition to the two places in the lake, there will also be a pilot study in the Big Chickasaw. Van Tillburg farms agreed to assist with installation. St. Marys Township was awarded a 930 grant from the OEPA. Time Warner Cable donated the
equipment and monitoring for this project.

The OEPA contributed $60,000 to Mercer County surface water improvement plan for curtains to contain the experiment.

The Mercer County Commissioners received $490,000 from the KCI efforts of the $900,000 needed for the Prairie Creek sediment collector, conversion to wetlands, aerators (Airy Gators) to reintroduce oxygen to water.

St. Marys Township contributed $80,000 of $140,000 needed for collectors with floating wetlands with leftover geo-tube

At the conclusion of the meeting, the 50/50 drawing of $135 was won by Sue Atkinson who generously donated it back to the LIA.