Board Members in Attendance Tim Lovett, Mark Piening, Pat Lovett, Kate Anderson, Bob Sachs, Tom Rampe, Dave Meyer, Jeff Vossler, Tony Seger, Stan Wilker, Dave Eyink and Brian Morris.

President Tim Lovett opened the meeting with a welcome to all in attendance and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer, Pat Lovett gave the financial report as follows:

Beginning Balance $39,168.99

Deposit $ 6,822.50

Expenses $ 6,109.80

Interest $3.10

Current Balance $39,884.79

Mark Piening reported on the “Parrots of the Caribbean” fundraiser which is to be held on February 8, 2012 at Romers in Celina. The event is selling out quickly. He reported there are a few $500 sponsorships available and several $50 sponsors. He reported that the tickets are selling fast. He asked all members to talk up the event and encourage people to buy tickets early. He also recognized Stan Wilker, Jeff Vossler and Brian Morris for planning, selling sponsorships and marketing of the POTC.

Dave Eyink, Membership Chair, reported that membership renewals will begin April 1st. The goal is to increase memberships by 20% in 2012 and encouraged the members to help recruit new members. He explained that the greater the number of members the more influence the LIA has in its efforts to improve the lake.

Tim acknowledged the support given to this event by Tony Seger with his generous contribution which paid for the band for this event and throughout the past year. He also recognized Stan Wilker and Jeff Vossler for planning the POTC event and selling the sponsorships. Tim introduced Ron Niekamp of the Franklin Township who thanked the LIA for the contribution to the maintenance of the bike pathways on the southside of the lake.

Tim introduced Terry Crosby, Director of the Natural Resources Conservation Service and described his long tenure in the area of agriculture. Mr. Crosby explained that the NRCS was developed in the 1930s and they work with the Soil and Water Districts. He explained that he reports to the Presidential administration and not to the Governorʼs office. In the past, funding was distributed on random acts but he will be focusing his team on the watershed. He reviewed the past funded projects and where his office will be focusing their efforts in the future. They are as follows:

• EQIP Projects

• 2008 – 1st EQIP Project with hay buffers and began monitoring water quality

• 2009 – 2nd EQIP Project – $1 million • 2010 – 3rd EQIP Project – manure management promoted, $1.5 million CCPI Project of the $2 million total funding

• 2011 – 4th EQIP Project – Manure Transfer Project, CNMPs (manure management)

• Future Projects

• Water Quality Monitoring – State will pick up the costs in the future including a 2nd monitoring station of Coldwater Creek

• Conservation Initiation Projects including funding for an anaerobic digester

• GLSM Special Non-Point Service Initiative

• Increase Technical Assistance to increase implementation of BMPs

• Conservation Planning – $1 million – to look at each farmʼs data and offer assistance, however, the NRCS is not involved in enforcement but have cleaned up a number of farms

Steve ?????, District Conservationist in Auglaize, explained that there are six watersheds tied to the lake. His office is involved with completing the inventory, management recommendations and assessment summaries which determine ranking values, design of manure storage facilities. He reported that 17 million gallons of manure has been transferred in the last few years. In 2012, he will be assessing 75 EQIP applications. John Kaiser has available fact sheets on other EQIP Projects in the SWCD. A cluster of farms will be involved in the manure digester project with AgConversions.

Larry Baker, USCG Auxiliary, provided the following update on the GLSM flotilla:

• Flotilla was chartered on 1/20/12

• Need support people

• Chuck Webster is the Public Affairs Staff Officer

• Boat Safety Class will be held in Celina this summer

• Encouraged everyone to wear life jackets

Tim provided the following Lake Restoration Update:

• Milt Miller has been selected as the newly created position of Lake Facilities Manager

• Goals will include Alum Treatment for the lake and Lake Facilities Authority Legislation

• Tom Knapke was recognized for his leadership of the LRC.

Brian Miller, GLSM Park Service Director, provided an update on lake activities:

• Lake level is 13” above normal

• 50% discount on dock fees again in 2012

• 25% discount on other park fees in 2012

• The new dredger, Brutus, will be here by Spring

• 2012 dredging goal is 275,000 cubic yards

• Dredge team was recognized for their incredible accomplishment in 2011 of 260,000 cubic yards

• Renovation of the East Bank ramp and add onto the parking lot

• Lighting at launch ramps

• Replace some bathroom facilities

• Expand seawalls and docks

• Paving at Windy Point

• Work on rip rap <=?????? at Harmon

• Purchased 3 additional nets for rough fishing

• $1.5 million secured for the whole lake alumtreatment in 2012 and working on securing the other $3.5 million

• Alum application will begin on April 1, 2012

• Creating more wetlands in 2012

• Implementing some aeration pilots

• Creating the dog park

• Implementing an Adopt-a-Tree project to replace the Ash trees removed in 2011

• Soliciting fishing tournaments

• Kara Birt, Park Service Office Manager, was recognized as the backbone of the office

Tim explained that the LIA water quality goal for 2012 is to have no posting of the lake. He then called for questions from the audience. Brian Miller was asked about lock managment and alum treatment of the channels. He stated that water level management will be enforced and that there would be no alum treatment of the channels.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.