Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director Sean Logan recently visited the Grand Lake St. Marys area to get a first-hand look at the lake’s conditions, as detailed in an articled published in The Evening Leader

From the article: "… Logan talked with residents in Southmoor Shores — an area where the algae bloom remains visible. The bloom also resulted in a fish kill in a channel near the lake.
"It’s unbelievable — I’ve never seen anything like it," Logan said as he looked out on the bloom. "It’s unacceptable, to actually see it first hand, which is my purpose for being here, it leaves you speechless. Now we have a fish kill as well. It’s got to change."
Logan said private landowners are key in the fight to help the lake. Without their cooperation, Logan said the water quality may continue to diminish.
"This is living proof that our land use practices directly impact our water," Logan said. "I’ve always known it my whole career and to see it manifest itself in such an ugly way, right in people’s backyards, it’s unacceptable. We can do better, we must do better.""

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