Ohio could be one of just three states to establish limits for farm and sewage treatment plant pollution that feeds toxic algae in lakes, writes Spencer Hunt for The Columbus Dispatch.

Article highlights include:

  • An Ohio Environmental Protection Agency proposal under review by federal officials would establish limits for phosphorus and nitrogen in streams. Both are found in fertilizers, manure and sewage. 
  • Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally said he is optimistic that U.S. EPA officials will approve the proposal, which would be used to set specific limits for each Ohio stream.
  • Ohio’s plan would use a formula that weighs phosphorus and nitrogen in water as well as the amount of algae and fish and other aquatic wildlife. 
  • Groups that represent Ohio’s sewage-treatment plants support the plan. 
  • Larry Antosch, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s environmental-policy director, said his organization needs more details on how the limits might affect farmers.