Rep. Jim Buchy recently wrote about continued interest in Ohio's waterways, including Grand Lake St. Marys. In the piece published on The Daily Advocate, Buchy writes:

"In west central Ohio, we have been aware of concerns over our natural waterways for several years because of Grand Lake St. Marys. Our farmers are working together to reduce their impact on Ohio waterways. By constructing proper storage facilities for manure and increasing exports of manure, when possible, local farmers are making strides forward to reduce the impact of agriculture on water quality.

Along the lake, I am hearing about business owners changing their practices as well. Each step taken to reduce phosphorous loading is bringing us closer to a healthier lake long term. Following the recent water crisis in Toledo, those in the Lake Erie watershed are looking to west central Ohio for proven practices that have successfully reduced runoff." 
He also asks for constituen feedback via an online poll.