On Friday, June 28, 2013, twenty-five youth participated in Watershed WILD Conservation Camp at Ohio Progressive Sportsmen’s Club.  

They did the following activities:
  • Went fishing
  • Learned basic canoe safety, including how to keep three points of contact and balance!
  • The basics of water safety and rescue, including how to throw a rescue rope.
  • Learned about raising pheasants and habitat.
  • Got to handle pheasant eggs, babies and adults.
  • Searched for and found macroinvertebrates and other creek animals.
  • Participated in a Food Science experiment.
  • Learned about and got to pet several very unique animals.
This day would not be possible without supplies, time and dedication from the following organizations:
  • Mercer Soil and Water Conservation District staff
  • Division of Watercraft
  • Division of Wildlife
  • Brukner Nature Center
  • Mercer County Pheasants Forever Chapter #745
Please enjoy our pictures from camp!