Welcome to the Lake Improvement Association’s Education Series. View each installment to learn more about Grand Lake St. Marys, what it means to you, and how you can help ensure its bright future.

Vol. I: The History of Grand Lake St. Marys – What You Don’t Know

Rollercoasters, gambling, monsters, oil riches, and a terrorist attack – what else don’t you know about Grand Lake St. Marys?

Vol. II: Current Issues Affecting Grand Lake St. Marys

Did you know the lake was invaded by toxins used by the U.S. government as suicide agents? Learn more in this installment!

Vol. III: Impact on Local Economy

How does Grand Lake St. Marys put money in your pocket? Know the hard facts on GLSM tourism, businesses, and the local economy.

Vol. IV: Solutions for Grand Lake St. Marys

What is being done to solve the issues and restore our vital economy? What can you do to help?

Vol. V: The Future of Grand Lake St. Marys

You know our storied history, now it’s time to write our future. Will we make the right decisions?